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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Happy 3/14!

The Fourth Year of the Crazy Chimp Collective is here! As per the standard we have an amazing video that you can checkout above on video of the day, and like usual we also have some freebies to give out to show our thanks for all of you and appreciation for our own craft and your influence on it, first though! I wanna give a shout out to some people of particular note who have made this year just that bit more amazing!

CoyoteCraft of is the first, who made a bunch of Fanart for us, massive thanks to Coyote everyone!

Next up is Tig3rzin, who has done a decent listing of fan art and has made me year just that bit more damn awesome.

And finally but certainly not for a lack of quality, RawGreen did this amazing Neo-Fyori.

Case in point, our fans are radical! I just wanted to extend a thanks to them and let them know they are hella appreciated!

I know, we should get to the wallpapers now, but I also wanted to give some shoutouts to varying company fellas and new recruits of the CCC who have been doing an amazing job so far!

Firstly I wanna introduce you all to Max M Dominora, he's been eager to help us out for a while, and did two tracks under-the-hood for Perseverance Full Clearance, two of the Esperia Bossfight themes, in April I officially brought him onboard to help out and have assigned him the task of Composing Fantasia's OST. So far despite computer troubles, he's been doing a terrific job!

You can check out the OST here, or give him a more personal inspection on his soundcloud over here!

Next up Christopher Lykke Davids, he'd been one of us a bit before last 3/14, and he was behind clothing the sprites of several of the Catty rascals in Intelligence 3/14th Clash, such as Pep, the four NPC cats and Snowball, as well as doing a complete wardrobe for Nola and Pep's 32x32 sprites in Perseverance: Full Clearance, this devotion and love for the craft has brought him quickly to being one of the Crazy Chimp Collective's Elite.


Then Amy Hohman, while not officially a member who works directly for me, she does do cool stuff for the sake of the Collective sometimes, possibly one of the finest examples of this year being Art she did of Tac Talismina that not only made the character way cooler, but completely revolutionized her outfit.

Next up is another honorable mention for Jake "MoneyMenace" Gamelin, this guy is either a workaholic or just loves his craft to the grave, despite working several long hours at both a workplace and taking classes of his own, he manages to produce high quality music content at an absurd pace, originally a 60 Song OST has now grown to 80 for Intelligence 314th Clash! And he shows no signs of stopping! Here's a couple of the highlights that I think show just how extroadinary his talents are.

Then I really oughta give props to Pjcr, who while having difficulties due to several extreme weather incidents (TYPHOON-KUN IS BACK FOR BLOOD!) he has still managed to make an incredibly amount of attractive quality work!

Lastly, though I may add more later, Xiie-- lead portrait artist of the CCC, has recently had his Birthday, and this insanely little righteous dude has done so much work and has improved so much that I deemed I impart on him a video to congratulate him for his growth and devotion to the CCC's cause!
And this dude shows no signs of stopping! Like i mean, look at this!
Neo-Fyori and Esperia.

So radical!

OKAY! Sorry, let's get to the freebies, hyes! All the memerobillia you might totally want to grab for whatever reason! We have a LOT of wallpapers this year, but let's start with the more gimmicky (and admittedly practical) things.




Mousemat Overlays!

Alrighty, now onto the Wallpapers!