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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Menagerie: Remastered - Grand Reveal

I have decided against making deadlines, outside of brief goals, such as within this year! I think that's always been the plan for M:R, and it's getting stupidly close to reality. I've been able to lax on dev a bit recently, due to how much I've gotten done, but there is still a fair bit, but I've got ideas of how to manage what remains, and a progress Log over on the games thread to keep my progress active.

Obviously, 12/12/14 would be the MOST AWESOME date to release it, but I'm leaning on 12/23/14. That has 12, but also 314 in it. But for all we know, I could hold off until 1/2/15, or 11/22/15, or I may make it as early as 11/22/2014, when you have 1, 2 3 and 4 to work with there becomes less narrow gaps to fill. Though 12/13/14 is the ideal, it's great this year ends in 14, makes this numerical bullshit I feel I just have to do much easier to propagate.

But the idea is that for now, the game is only coming "Soon", how soon could be between 5 weeks to five months. You'll just have to trust that no matter how far away "soon" is, that I will provide the most premium quality product when such totality comes full circle. There are some who will look over the last 5% of their project's development in anticipation to release the game, but I am not one of those people. That is why I've stopped using deadlines, because it may mean that I "have" to release a game, even if it isn't quite ready. This was largely at fault for the original failing of Menagerie, at launch it was unplayable because of game breaking bugs. The game felt like a let down to itself.

Not this time. The only Remastering I'm having around to release is one worth of showing, a clear example of mastering what you had, and refining it to be incredible amounts of not shit.

Granted, Menagerie was still a success, and I'm sure there are going to be people, rare however-- that will say the original was better than Remastered. Menagerie's failings were in its lack of character charm, poor balance and exploitable combat and fusion systems.

I also tried to cover way too many topics, and do too much in one game, now it should, while still being big, not feel over-packed.

However, when it comes time, you'll have your chance to play judge.

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