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Saturday 11 February 2017

Large Update On the CCC's Plans

First off, I'll begin with some sad news, Perseverance Full Clearance has been put on the backburner, the project is just too ambitious and RPG Maker MV can't house the level of depth and smooth complexity I want, so it'll be remade later in a much more adept engine.

So for now, apologies about the Red Cat's runaway from stuff, he'll come back, but right now, we're focusing on a progression, so let's get to the Good news!

Firstly, a brand new project called FANTASIA is being worked on, it will be the CCC's first brave delve into Game Maker Studio, currently I'm working out systems and how I want the menu's, interface and all to go, then once I've got a solid foundation, I'll begin on the Game Maker Studio stuff itself!

However, don't be misled, I have been doing a LOT on this project, and so has my team! We have a blog for it and it's been in the sidebar of this blog for months now, I often forget to update things on the blog, but I'll be sure to provide an update on what we've been doing after I've finished writing this up.

Onto other news, Intelligence 314th Clash had an Itchy Patch Release, which contains some new optional bosses, a large revamp to the Necropolis, and several other fixes and positive changes, you can check it out here:

Or here:

I'm also slowly-but-surely porting Intelligence to MV for the Finale Build.

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