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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Guess it's a bit late, huh?

Well, I got more ambitious with the trailer than intended, and in my avarice for wavepad copped a pretty nasty adware, it's dead now, I'm used to dealing with that scum, and you needn't worried, as the games was uploaded and ready to go before I made the trailer at all!

So yes, a lot of shit has happened to make this trailer what it was, before I address you all with a download link, let me first give commendation to MoneyMenace and RavenBlueIndigo for the music pieces.

Then, I'd like to extend special thanks to the VA's, this trailer wouldn't be as awesome without you!

ToTeM as the voice of Fatty
Adoxographist as the voice of Fyori
BasilMeer as the voice of Gerald
Xzygon as the voice of Spooky
Kate Holden as the Voice of Tac
Felicity Pantera as the voice of Mayeena
Apoc as the voices of Orsa and Zardari
UsagiShinobi as the voice of Asarath
Andinator as the voice of Safael
NickytheRat as the voice of Seradath

Sidebar is updated, but because I'm happy about finding how to do lightning effects really shittily with gimp, here's a garish link.
Menagerie~ Remastered! Public Release Download

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