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Tuesday 22 April 2014

The CCC Memberbase

The CCC is fairly refined as a company, each of us have talents, some in multiple fields, and we're all very interesting people. Brought together by misanthropy and other less ominous reasons, we all have titles, we all have aliases, we have names (which we wont tell you) and we all have sass.

Now it is my pleasure to show you a bit about us and what we work for. First in objective third person but later I'll dribble off into sloppy first person writing because I will get tired. I am predestining this because I can, and because from my point of view, it already has happened.

Bizarre Monkey
The Ringleader
"I guess..."
The founder of the CCC and lead game designer, he has an infatuation with numbers, rampant stupidity and writing up blog posts and big walls of text in general. Most of the time he's fairly blunt, and can be relied on to be honest in almost all scenarios, his willpower is absolutely inexcusable, but he does show loyalty to those who serve him well. In the company's struggle to get going he ceased an opportunity to grab the semi-public spotlight with a few lighthearted campaigns against his now abolished arch-enemies, the White Fangs.

His campaign against them earned him several titles, The Destroyer being one of them.

The Pajamas
Lead pixel artist and close advisor, while pixel art tends to be his biggest line-up of paid work, he's also capable at portraits, traditional art and possesses university grade programming abilities.

He is fairly ambiguous in most of what he does, and it's hard for anyone to tell the difference between him being super serious and just playing games.

The Nailboard
While there's multiple weaboos in the CCC Xiie stands tall among them, she is as of the current the only female member of the company, making her a common victim of jokes designed to aggravate the flat-chested, her title included... she however has learned to cope with it and is likely one of the CCC's most memorable members. Her endearing personality quirks and bursts of loud aggression make her stand out. Xiie is the lead logo designer and artist in the company, she has also shown exceptional skill in both portrait design and website design.

The Coolkid
 "That's funny, when did Biz ever give a fuck about colleges"
Biz and Xzygon had known each other long before the Omegadevian revelation that brought about the CCC, he and Biz helped out those having issues with a gameplay battle script released to the public by Vlad. The two met later on Omega-dev and eventually Xzygon just turned into this floating orange swordbird coolkid then a regular coolkid with cream wings.

His abilities are in coding and general scientific knowledge. He also has a similar understanding of temporal mechanics.

The Self-destructive Artist
"i'm still yet to draw you something pretty
this doesnt even count as pretyyyy"
Also know in some circles as Basil Meer, he's an artist of palpable skill, but he has trouble seeing it. Whether his modesty is genuine or simply a defense mechanism, only he knows. He's a fun dude to talk to and is responsible for some amazing pieces.

He also, despite Biz bluntly telling him that he'll tear off what remains of his balls off if he refuses to accept compensation-- will not accept pay for any commissions he does.

This leads to the conclusion that the self-sabotage of his art skills are genuine despite him being a lot better than most in the company.

The New Friend
"pick up the soap :3"
Like Xiie he has some soft spots for Eastern culture, but doesn't make it nearly as obvious, he also has several interest in western practices. His "pick up the soap" line is his catch phrase, he has a deep black man voice and therefore his catch phrase is a victim of his stereotype, but he's a really cool dude, in fact I (Biz) regard him as perfect in every way.

He's a photoshop miracle, and can make even Biz's two tone MSpaint garbage look presentable. He is responsible for several parallaxes, some of which are used in the company's press logos.

The Doer of Naught
"i dont do ANYTHING in this company, but holy hell am i good at it!"
A member of the CCC from Denmark who despite having remarkable talents, chooses to avoid work and simply prefers the social aspect of the CCC rather than the working one. He is a long time friend of the Ringleader and knows that the friendship they have is too tight for Biz to ever fire him permanently. Though several time he has been fired satirically for entirely humorous purposes.

He is often regarded as big-balled and tough, and Biz will never let him forget that he's a proud viking.

The Machine

"God damn it Biz I'm a U.S citizen." (May be paraphrased)

While raised in America, the majority of Andi's family reside in China, during the majority of his time with the CCC he has been on a long vacation in China. He's pleasant and for the most part fairly forgiving. His skills as an artist are unquestionable, and is undoubtedly one of if not the best artist in the company. His commissions do take time, and he isn't always available, making him a glass cannon in the ring of artists.

His Alias is based off of the Terminator movies, his title is a play on it as well as his ability to complete professional-level work in relatively quick time.

Eric "Foxy" Fielder
The Perpetually Fired
Portrait pending.
"It just... it was! There's nothing I can really use to describe it. I can't wrap my American brain around it."
Commonly known for being the most fired member in the company, he is the companies only concept artist so far, he also assists in other artistic areas such as album art and occasionally, portraits. He is fired a lot for humorous purposes and probably cops more insults for having interest in fauna of an anthropomorphic persuasion than he deserves. He's funny and the only image of him to date is him in a fur suit.

The Devourer
"Fuckin' straya carnt."
The only member who lives anywhere near it's founder, Pacman is a talented coder and graduated composer. He often embraces in Australian lingo n either a real or satirical fashion and hates people who whine about Centrelink queues. His humour is Grade A and he is basically the best Australian ever, check out his soundcloud too, he likes it when you do that. He also like it when you advertise his music, shamelessly or not, sort of like what I'm doing now.

The Pi of Music

"That is the best piece of shitty MSpaint art I've ever seen." (May be paraphrased)
Often shortened to 'MM', he is a composer, and while limited in tools he is capable of producing decent midis. His entry into the CCC was a rocky one, but he got used to it after a bit of vitriol. His title is a reflection on his past achievements, where the Biz gave him a MSpaint art and called it "The Pi of Music" as an award for his devotion to a project.

His portrait design is based off some crappy art I made him in hopes of defining his form. Though sadly the frystache is gone.

Kaptain J
The Security Camera
"I'm a security camera, I'm watching you... always watching."
Often nicknamed 'Kappy', he is a composer, podcaster and reviewer. Despite his initial seemingly big-brotheresque routine of greeting people he's a really nice and cool guy.

No one knows who did the original concept for his alias, the idea is a tale of myth and elusive inscrutability. He truly is ever-watching. This portrayal of his character like most of the others here however, is by PJ.

The Joker
Portrait pending, current art by Apoc.
"You fucking drug ass doing terrorist femnazi male gay troll.
Lmao, jk, sup!?"
His personality is unique in the company, he is lighthearted, carefree and actually happy, instead of just deluding himself into thinking he's happy. Raven is certainly the most devoted and loyal member of the company, though that he was the founder's first real friend may have something to do with it, making Raven upset isn't incredibly easy, and if you have made him upset then you deserve whatever I come at you with. So far RavenBlueIndigo talent as a composer has shown to be extraordinary, though limited like MM (while not as severely) by his tools. Nontheless, he composed an ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK worth of music in little less than six months (which were rife with several issues, computer troubles, paranoia and rambunctious family incursions) and delivered in spades. He has a relatively mild form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and sometimes paranoia about the technologically ambiguous or ominous will hamper his work.

He's incredibly sociable and doesn't have the ability to hold a grudge, he can be pissed off but I don't think he is really even capable of hatred. Oh, he looks like Jesus, too.

This just in, RavenBlueIndigo is a zoologically cryptic encoding of Jesus in some sort of bizarro-mindfuckky language.

Notte Eterna
The Specialist
The dude is an inscrutable nexus of mystery, like damn. Unlike Zadorain who is only mysterious because he doesn't visit us much, Notte is online a lot of days but is generally hard to read. That why we decided he needs shades. Shades are always worn by mysterious or cool dudes. (In Tropey vaudevillian fantasy anyway.)

I wish I had more to say, I haven't engaged in intellectual conversation with this employee near enough it seems! Will make an effort to change that.

The Shadowed Pianist
"Brilliant, but belated..." (may be paraphrased.)
Often nicknamed 'Z', he likes V for Vendetta and thanks to him i do now too. His portrait is based off of yes, V who based himself of off Guy Fawkes. His title however is not related to the movie at all, he is an exceptionally skilled composer and works solely with Piano. He along with Kaptain J taught me what little I know of FLstudio and the shadowed part refers to that while he hasn't been online in over two years, we know he's there... like a silent vigilante living in all of us.

He may not have been an employee at all, but his motives are never certain, and i wouldn't want to insult him by not adding him in here.

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