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Friday 13 June 2014

Perseverance: Coming soon.

I've recently entered a contest in which I have to make a game in a month, I figure I'll use this blog as a mean of telling you about it.
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Perseverance is based around the adventures of Pep, and goes into his past for a brief time as the Red Rapscallion and his campaign as leader of the Perseverance Union, the stage is set in the 2040's after the Humans have left Earth and animals have taken their place as the predominant species of their respective habitats.

England has been overthrown by a dastardly despot, who has enforced worship to the order he has created, first by killing the monarchy and with a small army of eldritch pig monsters, has seized control of the country. His reign is Tyrannical and his leniency none.

A small rebel force symbolized by an Iconic P has started working against his dogmatic embassy. Its leader dies at the start of the game, leaving the banner of responsibility to his son, Pep Cookiedoe.

The Lichlord Naxon alone is powerful, to add he also has some incredibly powerful generals at his command. The titan-sized Commander Warthog, the fast and furious Saxxis and finally his cold, ruthless apprentice, Lady Frostbite.

Can Pep blast through four stages of action packed combat with the weapons he can scrounge up and put an end to the four bosses and myriad of minions that stand between him and democracy?

On the 31st of June, you'll have your chance to find out!


-I'm only able to use open source materials for the project, thus I'll be counting on my team as well as some voice acting talent to fill the void areas that I have little to no experience in.
-There's five planned weapons, all of which will have differing gameplay.
-10 Different monster types are planned and each will be progressively tougher or more dangerous than the last.
-Four challenging bosses will be on stage for you to try your luck at.
-You can take zero damage, it'll be difficult, but you can do it. Each attack that isn't the enemy walking up to you will have a graphical cue showing where the damage will be.
-Enemies drop stuff, you should pick em up. They're shiny!
-Powerups can be found, including an Inspiring Poster (revives you from death with 50% Health), Red Cordial (Increases movement speed for a duration), Magic Bag (No Rounds spent during the duration.), Spiral Sucker (Invulnerable for the duration).

Pep Cookiedoe
Unstable, reckless and determined. Such guile is needed.
Pep Cookiedoe will be the only character playable in the game. He's an agile, slightly insane gunslinger whose impulsive nature makes him both revered and reviled. More on his character can be found on the CCC wiki which is currently under construction.

Sven Cookiedoe
He's not the badasserest badass, but he's the only one we've got.
Sven is a much more calm and collected sort, he envies in others that he doesn't seem capable of planning nothing out and just going at anything with wild abandon like his father and Pep. Sven serves as Pep's adviser during the length of the game.

Nola Worthington
Gracious Nola, what a mystical world you live in.
Raised in the city, she moved to St. Albans to escape monitoring to such an extent. She joins Pep after he "saves" her from Lady Frostbite. Her demeanor is jolly, good natured and well meaning, she has a lot less difficulty showing concern or empathy in contrast to Pep or Sven.

Lady Frostbite
She may be a vampire... it's hard to say though.
While seemingly near flirtatious on the surface, once her trap is sprung she's as cold as her name implies...

Saxxis wants you! To die painfully in otherworldly fire.
An ornery and deceptive sort, easy to anger and fast enough to earn him a place among the elite, Saxxis has no qualms with expending the minions at his disposal. His final show should be quite a flashy one.

Saxxis is the media organizer and head of current affairs, he like most close to the Lichlord, willingly serve Naxon and will die in his name.

Commander Warthog
Property Damage is inevitable.
Warthog (pronounced Warth-og, don't pronounce it Wart Hog, he hates that!) is an impetuous psychopath and one of enormous size, his left nostril could consume Pep whole. He stands above most high rise buildings, his weapon is a giant cleaver.

He is near invulnerable, and has a foreboding and deep sinister speaking manner. He serves Naxon willingly, and has been rewarded in kind.

Lichlord Naxon
The Naxonites worship this madman.
Highlord Naxon is a titular figure, associated with the illuminati and feared as much by those who work against him as those who work with him, he's a powerful spellcaster, religious tyrant and unmatched necromancer. Even the fellow Liches of Heldath fear him.

He is responsible for taking over London and later, all of England.

He has transformed all those willing to serve his dark order into eldritch pig monsters, and has had enough cunning and guile to entirely overthrow the monarchy.

Fighting him would be incredibly dangerous, and Pep's the only one crazy enough to do it.

Battle System:
It's entirely evented. The only script in the project under main is a copy of Window_TitleCommand that I modified myself. The battle's at the moment are in the basic stages, but they'll improve radically.

Here's a WIP of it so far.

Want to contribute?
Message me at or better yet add me on skype (bizarremonkey) and if you have the talents to produce whatever it is you do quickly, I'll be happy to pay for services.

I'm on a pension, so don't expect a whole bunch, pricing can be worked out via the methods mentioned above.

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