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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Bosses Galore

Contrary to the title, some Tier 5 and 6 bosses are being cut, mostly because a few changes are being implemented for those tier weapons and the tier 7 weapons.

First off, tier 7 weapons will no longer require Materials that drop coversely from bosses of the previous tiers.

The same with Tier 8 weapons.

Getting a full set of tier 5 and 6 weapons will now be doable via the maximum amount you get from the progressive arc. There is no longer a splitting arc, this was a cool idea, certainly, but had some glaring issues, such as backpedaling to content that by that stage should be easy.

Galvana will not be visited in the Remastered edition.

Heldath and the Necropolis will, and both already have plans drawn.

Bosses tier 6 and beyond will rely little on giving players states that can be dispelled, usually because these states are horrifically imbalanced or unforgiving. Doing nothing or watching the gameplay for you isn't fun gameplay.

As states, berserk, villain, sleep, confusion and stun might get the chop all together.

Silence has been reworked to be significantly less powerful.

To ease people in a little to the optional content, the Space Pirates of tekerlek will assist in the first few battles.

Before the roster for optional bosses was sketchy, now it is simply...
-Tier 5 has three encounters, two of which host 2 enemies. (5 enemies all up... Saarkrell & Bonesworth, Twin Exarchs)
-Tier 6 has six encounters, one having a "slave and master" boss.
-Tier 7 has 4 encounters based off our other IPs (Intelligence = Dislocated Remnants (Roll,y Pep Tristy and Limbo boss fight), Hellcat = Entropic Hellions (Hellcat + Nola), Exile = Exiled Echo (Lyza on her own.), Perseverance = Esperia (multi-formed boss).
-Tier 8 is host to 16 unique battles, each with a member of corporation XVI, the first is the evented battle with Impetuous Susurration (He who came twelfth), then in numbered order until Member XVI is defeated (skipping 12)
-Tier 9 has a so far undecided amount of bosses. Mostly they will be ideas that foreshadow possible future projects. The estimate currently is 4 female bosses and four male bosses and one boss group, but plans could change.

-Tier 9 is very likely to have some evented bosses.
-Upon defeat all optional bosses drop items that are otherwise obtainable, the rare crafted materials are now given through event commands after the bosses are saying their piece to avoid over-abundance early on with thanks to an item like Lyza's Sleight of Hand.
-Killing each optional boss tier 6 and up should feel like an achievement, tier 5 is more or less a weening tutorial stage.
-The developer definitely wants to do more things like He who came twelfth.

Also to note, I got the battler for Esperia's human form done today.

Dual Lightclaws
 All of the dragons also were updated and look far better now.
Six-winged Elder

Of all the optional bosses, only the art for those in Tier 9 and one in Tier 6 remain.

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