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Monday 8 December 2014

Two Week Type-a-thon

Or maybe dev-a-thon, or yeah.

This two weeks will be fully-fledged development progress on Menagerie, the progress log for Week 1 will be maintained below, week two will be a new post. The most recent changes documented highest on the list. Let's just say development is gonna be unreal these next two weeks, and I'd hope so, as that's the time i have to FINISH what remains, which is a lot, but we'll do it guys, I promise! In fact, I have already begun!

 -Zinyi's sprite was missing the mask/scarf on his face, this has been corrected.
-Did dialogue, maps and setup / mechanics for two bosses. The White Wyrm and Dual Exarchs.
-Began work on Tekerlek Tier 5-6 legendary quest chain. All space pirates now have a face and sprite.
-Updated the intro on tekerlek, will begin now on writing out more of that and making maps for the shenanigans involved, etc.
-Made a Tier-progression chart through the dual split narratives, the Byteopian/Spriteopian questline and the Tekerlek/Draik questline, the former firstly by Cid and Kyu, then later a Mysterious Questant whom will remain ominous and spoooky for now, oooOOOOoooooOOO!!!
-These will both land on Tier 7's  branch beginning with either the Dislocated Legends > Entropic Hellions or Exiled Echo > Esperia, both paths will lead into Highlord Naxon, once he is defeated that will lead into Tier 8, beginning with the 12th Dimensional Phantom... He who came Twelfth.
-After this you are sent to Galaxia and enter the PORT4L there, where in you fight the first real Corporation XVI (Tier 8) boss, Cerebral Inflection, after bypassing him you will then fight each member in order, Farcast Seraph, (Member II), Umbral Mirage (Member III) etc. until you reach he who is 16th. LORD SPANISH will be the ultimate guardian and final boss to dispatch of before a full set of Tier 8 weapons are yours.
-You can then enter Tier 9 through an ominous gateway in Corporation XVI's splintered reality that leads to an unfortunate alternate timeline demonstrating how much the galaxy may have been fucked up had the Corporation not taken the correct procedures to attain their selves back. This will be a very unsettling and eerie part of the game and will be host to the most difficult and terrifying optional bosses, but whom will drop rewards that can be acquired nowhere else. Unlocking Tier 9 will also unlock Zardari's HARDMODE in which he is phenomenally more difficult and hits far harder than he does prior to Tier 8 completion.
-More to come!

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