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Friday 1 May 2015

Vacation is Over, so what comes in May?

A lot.

I'll go over the brief plan for this hectic month of dev, but before I do i think it'd be vital to understand why I'm cramming what I am into this period of time.

As the countdown until academic studies that start in Late July draw near, I want to finish the games off that i really like working on before I run out of time to do that, therefore, may is that goal.

So what of June? Well!

It turns out the IGMC (Indie Game Maker Contest) is going to be on yet again as I hoped, and since I was 14 days late and missed the deadline last year, this year I'll be going all out. So May will be reserved for finishing off my old IP's, and applying a bugfix here or there in June.

Okay, now we've got that aired, what is the roster?

Intelligence: 314th Clash
A wrap up at last to the story that stoked them all. I'm going to compress the last 4 episodes into a singular big content patch, which will be more refined and immediate, this is when things will really begin to ramp up. The 314th Clash will be quite a clash indeed, I'll give more info as it's release approaches closer.

Perseverance: Adherence
Currently only a demo, albeit a solid, well fleshed out and polished demo, this game's full version will come out in May also, and will boast the entire 6 acts rather than the one for the demo.

Menagerie: Remastered
It's final content Patch comes with the 16 tier eight optional bosses, more secrets, mini-campaigns, fixed memory banks and some other changes. Once this is released I will attempt to get it on Greenlight.

Exile: Endurance
This charming and atmospheric game released on Pi Day 2014 will finally get the release it deserves, really looking forward to doing more on it!

So, four releases in a month, am I insane? Possibly, but damn if I ain't gonna try! Most of the assets are already prepared, and what isn't will come before time is up. All of these are planned to go up on Desura free of charge. However Intelligence and Exile may be excepted since my composer likely won't have time to do an OST for both and I'm not sure of the legalities but it's a risk I'd rather not take.

Actually Exile easily could, it uses Creative Commons music, by the really awesome Aaron Krogh, I'll just have to replace those couple ZOIDS: New Century and Invader ZiM tracks.

So Prepare! May is the Month of Mak.

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