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Sunday 2 August 2015

We top #20 now!!!

"I have right to be smug."
But I will can it. On the smuggitude, I mean.

I have been slack with this blog, but the icon for Perseverance on the pretty sidebar there has been updated with the big new build which adds loads of content, not all of it, yet! That's coming, though! Even if slowly.

Damn is it coming though!

I am now in a full time TAFE course, which means the time I can actively work on this is a lot lower, but I'm liking my courses, so I'm gonna stick to it this time.

If you wanted to know what is currently accessible in a brief passage of time, there is ofcourse, a trailer that has you covered.
Multi-syllable pairings of words that rhyme seem to be my go-to for titles as far as remakes are concerned.

What makes the crowning achievement of this post incredible was that on Desura, contrary to my knowledge and misinformation, the demo was still the only playable version.

Release date was 6/7/2015

So when will it be finished?

I have no idea! But we'd be lucky to hope for 3/14 next year. I'm not working on it much due to illnesses and alike. I sure as fuck ain't locking myself into a deadline. Not yet.

The game will be almost entirely rendered in Xiie's  and Bella's artwork by it's completion.

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