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Monday 21 September 2015

Announcement! Perseverance: Full Clearance, not being made with RPG Maker.

I grow tired of RPGmaker's lack of keybindings, horrid resolution, lack of mouse support and poor optimization. Today, I will do what I should have done long ago!

We will no longer be using RPGmaker to Develop Perseverance: Adherence, we will be using Game Maker Studio to Develop Perseverance: Full Clearance!
This of course, will mean that basically the whole game sans graphics (but even some of those!) will be being made from the ground up. But it needs this, I need this. WE need this.

First off, RPGmaker has a lot of problems, and the lag when trying to implement action-packed combat is only one of them, Game Maker has issues to, but they are far lass severe, and we can do so much more! Granted, this may take a while, and it's not a decision I make lightly.

But just, wow, fuck you RPGmaker.

Member XII (myself) will work with Member XIV (and possibly others) for gameplay and systems. Member VII will keep a sharp eye on writing and stuff, other members of Corporation XVI needn't worry, your work will be pretty much the same.


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  2. Lol I totally used RPGmaker MV for it after all.

    Holy shit this might be the first comment on this blog here.

    It makes me wonder who you might be. :0