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Sunday 24 April 2016

I am woe, for neglection ain't cool! ALSO 314 SHIT I MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO POST SO HERE IT IS VERY LATE. D:

I've recently updated ALL of the blogs I loosely maintain. I've been bogged down with school work so there's a few BIG announcements I suppose I should make here, seeing as this blog gets the majority of traffic.

Intelligence: 314th Clash, the final installment of the game, is out. Here's a trailer just to show you a peak of how much has changed.

Wow I didn't even have a chance to post here on 3/14, welp!

It wasn't particularly eventful, but it held the same sentimentality that it always does to me. As of March 3/14 this year, the Crazy Chimp Collective turned three years old. Released 314th Clash (GEDDIT?) and we've no plans of stopping. It has been sadly slowed due to my personal projects dropping in priority to a course I'm taking for game design. But if we're lucky, I'll be making shit beyond most peoples comprehension soon enough!

Here's the CCC Anniversary video as is the standard fare.

This also marks the fifth year of Intelligence, whew!

So yeah, belated but not forgotten, thanks to those who stuck by us, and also thanks to those who challenged us, which forced us to grow and outshine the obstacles you've presented yet again, you're all awesome!

We did run off a bunch of free stuff somewhere, let me see if I can locate that thread.

Alright, found it!
Therein I also talk of vague future-y plans for stuff that may or may not happen! It's like a spooky preview of some nascent ghost games, ooooOOOOOoooooo!

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